Quench Your Thirst:
Exploring Central Florida and Ocala's
Beverage Vending Oasis

We at DAC Total Refreshments strive to revolutionize the experience that comes with beverage vending in Central Florida and Ocala. Our mission is to offer a diverse selection of renowned brand options to customers with a particular emphasis on timeless, classic beverages. Our customizable service, dedicated team, and modern high-tech vending machines make for a quality beverage vending service.

Convenvience and unwavering quality

Beverage vending
customized to you

We tailor our product offerings to cater to your preferences, exclusively featuring well-known, top-selling brands.

Cutting-edge break room technology

Beverage Vending Options in Central Florida including Ocala

Our modern vending machines accept mobile payments, credit cards, and more

Beverage Vending Machines in Central Florida including Ocala

Remote inventory monitoring allows us to check your inventory levels before leaving the warehouse

Beverage Vending Options in Central Florida including Ocala

Encourage healthy options in your break room

Achieve your corporate wellness goals by collaborating with us for your beverage vending machine needs. We can work in tandem to create a customized beverage selection that will encourage healthy lifestyle choices in the workplace.

School beverage vending in Central Florida and Ocala


Add extra perks
with subsidized beverage vending

Customize your employee benefits package as well as your beverage selection with subsidized vending! This gives you, the company, an opportunity to cover part of the cost of your beverage selection, making it more affordable for your employees.