Fresh Micro-Market Solutions in
Central Florida, including Ocala

An open-air micro-market boosts company culture, increases office morale, and provides a place for employees to collaborate and recharge throughout the day. Your employees will enjoy this self-service break room solution stocked with a variety of convenient and fresh foods in Central Florida, including Ocala.

Improve your office with a micro-market

Technology upgrades the micro-market experience

Backend technology
ensures refreshments
are always stocked.

Use your mobile phone
for quick and easy
cashless payments.

Provide us with quick
feedback through the
koin Market app.

DAC break rooms are
monitored 24/7 to
ensure security.

Micro-markets in Central Florida including Ocala

Unique and healthy options

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Service is our number one priority, which sometimes means going the extra mile. When you realize you're out of a last-minute item, we're happy to provide same-day service.