Vending Services

Vending Services

Vending machines and water filtration services in Dunnellon

Dunnellon Vending Service That Stands Out

Want to make your Dunnellon break room better? Then add our dependable Dunnellon vending machines! DAC Total Refreshments offers vending services that include modern equipment filled with delicious products. Think snacks, cold drinks, treats, and healthy options. We provide it all, in the most popular flavors, in order to appeal to your Dunnellon employees. Plus, all our snack vending machines and soda machines accept multiple payment types. Purchase with cash, credit card, or mobile wallet.

Office coffee service and snack vending machines in Dunnellon

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service to Wow Dunnellon Workers

What’s the right Dunnellon office coffee service for your business? Maybe it’s traditional pot brewers or fresh single-cup coffee brewers. What about a bean-to-cup coffee machine? Each delivers delicious coffee your Dunnellon employees will love. But which coffee brewer will set your Dunnellon workplace apart? We can help you decide. We’ll even place the coffee machine in your break room, maintain it, and deliver all your coffee needs, from whole coffee beans to cream and sugar.

Staying hydrated is important. That’s why we offer Dunnellon water filtration service. The plumbed-in systems are available as free-standing units or can be installed on a counter. Choose whatever works best in your break room. All of them provide delicious filtered water on demand, both hot and cold. It even enhances the flavor of your office coffee and tea.

Micro-markets and vending service in Dunnellon

Dunnellon’s Go-To Micro-Market Service

Let us transform your break room with Dunnellon micro-market service. We will custom design an area of your Dunnellon break room to include open shelves, snack racks, and glass-front coolers. The space will be airy and contemporary, inviting your Dunnellon employees to visit the micro-market and shop for refreshments. They will get to choose from hundreds of snacks, drinks, candy, healthy options, dairy, and fresh food. Staff can shop in the micro-market any time of day thanks to the self-checkout kiosk. It accepts all forms of payment, including credit cards and mobile wallets. We come regularly to restock the micro-market and ensure it’s running smoothly.

Pantry service and office coffee in Dunnellon

Office Pantry for Dunnellon Businesses

Increase workplace morale and employee retention with Dunnellon office pantry service. It allows your Dunnellon company to offer subsidized food and drinks to staff in the break room hassle-free. We take care of finding, buying, and stocking snacks, beverages, and fresh items in your Dunnellon office pantry area. Then we send you the invoice for what employees ate. Office pantry service is a great way to turn your break room into a valuable perk.

Ensure your break room is performing its best.
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